Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recycled Ringlet T-shirt Scarf

Ok so Sweet Pea in the Kitchen may just get a little crafty every once-in-a-while. I love sewing and crafts, and thought it would be fun to share some fun crafts that I have put together. Maybe I'll even find some crafts that go "in the kitchen"...ha!

First up, in honor of Ohio State Football season starting today, I wanted to share a fun Buckeye Recycled Ringlet T-Shirt Scarf, perfect for tailgating!


I found this project over at Cut Out and Keep and just had to make one. It was super easy and can literally cost you nothing if you have some old t-shirts. You just need to find some that are in the color you prefer and that don't have much design on them. If you have plain colored t-shirts without any design even better, but you need at least 1 foot of blank t-shirt space on both the front and the back.

I had a gray gym shirt that I just never really wore, but I didn't have a red shirt. I ended up finding one in the Men's section on clearance at Meijers for $3.99, so this project cost me around $4. They also have plain colored t-shirts in the Men's section at Target for $5 each.

You need to start out with at least 2 t-shirts (with little to no design), a pair of sharp scissors, and also possibly a ruler or measuring tape, if you are OCD (like me) and need to be precise (no judging around here).


Start by cutting off the hem, and set aside as we will be using that later. Then cut 3/4" strips from the shirt. This is where your ruler can come in handy to help make sure you are cutting them straight. Don't worry if they are not exactly perfect (says the person with OCD..right...ha!). You will need approx. 13 - 16 strips from each shirt for a total of 26 - 32 strips depending on the length you want. I ended up cutting 30 total strips, but I only used 26 of them.


Next, you take each strip, hold it within your thumbs, and stretch. I stretched about 2 times. Don't over stretch, but you do want to stretch them out a little, just enough for them to start to roll up.


Then wrap them around your hand to form a ringlet. Below you will see my 30 different ringlets.


You then cut the hem into 5" strips that you will then use to tie the ringlets together. Please note that if you are using 2 shirts, you may need to use the arm hole hem's as well. Part of the reason I only used 26 was because one of my shirts had smaller arm holes and I ran out of gray pieces, so take that into consideration, and if you do run out, you can always cut more strips from the t-shirt and use those in the middle which will go around your neck and won't be as noticeable.


Here is my finished scarf, all ready for Buckeye football and tailgating! Go Bucks!

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  1. Very cute! I'll have to try it. With Penn State colors, of course! :)