Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Cheesy Truck

Let's talk food trucks. I have had a crazy obsession with food trucks lately. I blame it on shows like The Next Food Network Star and The Great Food Truck Race. And it seems like Columbus is also going crazy for food trucks as well. They seem to be popping up everywhere. There is a blog dedicated to street eats in Columbus. There is even a taco truck tour that a few of my friends and I have been looking into trying (which I am so excited for!).

Well the food truck craziness has hit our offices at work as well. A few weeks ago The Cheesy Truck showed up at our offices. Of course I had to try it, being my first food truck experience and all, and I hate to admit, but I stood in line for 30 mins to get a little slice of grilled cheesy goodness.


According to their Facebook page, The Cheesy Truck provides hand crafted grilled cheese sandwiches and sexy snacks (i.e. slut sauce). I tried the classic "Boarding School" + bacon sandwich which included cheddar cheese and bacon on white bread. It was so cheesy and the bread was so buttery and grilled to crispy perfection. Of course I had to order a side of tater tots, which were so good that I didn't even need ketchup to dip them in. I totally wanted to try some slut sauce, but unfortunately they had run out over the weekend, which kind of bummed me out.

They did have one very crazy sandwich "The Jackie O" which includes Osetra Caviar, crème fraiche and capers and cost $100 (of course it does come with a mother of pearl caviar spoon...naturally). We joked that there has to have been some drunken rich guy who has probably bought one of these as the bars were closing...ha!

The Cheesy Truck was such a success that they are now at our work every Monday during the lunch hour. We are also getting a few other food trucks to start coming to our offices, and the goal is to get a new truck for each day of the week. We are also working on getting some healthier options, and I plan to try them all. Check back soon for more food truck reviews.

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