Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites

I mentioned last week my love of Pinterest, and wanted to share some more fun finds! I did try a recipe that I featured last week, Spicy Chicken Penne which you can find here, and am hoping to try at least one Pinterest find each week to share. I have a few I am excited to try, and can't wait to share my results!

I am going to start tagging all of my Pinterest experiences/finds through the label Pinterest Fun, so you can find more of these here.

Favorite Tip: Wine Bottle Watering System - great way to keep your plants watered, and much more stylish than those garden balls.

Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Peanut Butter Bars - will remind you of your childhood days. I am thinking about making these next week for a get together with friends. Perfect since strawberries are in season right now.

Favorite Dinner: Easy Key West Grilled Chicken - Hopefully this will remind me of one of my favorite cities - Key West!

Favorite DIY: How to create mosaic pots - isn't this pretty! I would love to have this in my garden!!

Favorite Cocktail: The Deen Bros Texas Margaritas - perfect summer time cocktail!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Happy Friday!!

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