Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Herb Garden

I am so excited for my herb garden this year. Last year I tried starting some herbs and vegetables from seed, and although it was a fun experiment, it took way too long for the seeds to sprout. So this year I just went ahead and purchased some already growing herbs from the store to get my herb garden started. This year I have:

~ Cilantro

~ Thyme

~ Oregano

~ Rosemary

~ Chocolate Mint

I also have a sweet basil plant that I did grow from seed (started about 2 months ago), and is still trying to sprout. I am hoping now that the weather is finally warming up it will take off. I also have some mint that came back this year from last year. I am not sure what kind it is. I took some mint from my mom's garden last year, and all of her mint has kind of grown together, so who knows what is what, but it's still good.

I am really excited to find something to use the chocolate mint in. If anyone has any suggestions please share. I am going to be planting some flowers in pots on my patio later today, and next week I may start some veggies. I love growing tomatoes and peppers and they usually do pretty well in pots on my patio.

Happy gardening!

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